Our Products and Services
We provide top-notch medical transcription through a variety of media

Key Benefits
High Quality Work
Fast and Accurate Turnaround
Reasonable cost when compared to paying taxes, worker's compensation, sick time and vacation time for in-house employees

Dictation Media
Free Digital Phone-In Service
Digital handheld with upload to secure server

Discounted line rate for electronic transmission saving time and money for printing and delivering work.  
Secure email transfer and/or secure FTP server.  
Absolutely HIPAA compliant
No setup charges

 HIPAA Compliance

Before the rules of HIPAA came along our service was already ready to go providing the same security that the government decided that everyone should be doing.  We always maintain privacy and security.  Patient care is of top priority to our service.  We can provide you with a Business Associate Agreement if you currently do not have one in place.

Secure on-site server at our office for your file storage and protection of data.

 High Quality Work

Our transcriptionists have 5+ years of experience before being hired to work on your transcription.  Work passes through an editor for quality assurance before transmission back to your office.

Someone is available at all times to meet any need that you may have in regards to your work.

Access to your files can be granted permanently to your office via secure server.

Work is turned around in 24 to 48 hours maximum.

Savings of over $11,000 per year in using our service over hiring a full time in-house transcriptionist

 Dictation System

Our digital phone-in dictation system has toll-free access for those out of the immediate Des Moines branch area.  The system is available to you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.  The system CANNOT lose your dictation.


For those who are currently using tapes and need to convert to something of higher quality but similar feel, digital handhelds are an excellent choice.  The quality is much higher and there is no degradation of tape quality.  Please ask us how we can set up your office.